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Posted by Simon Miles

Added the first free Wallpaper to the website.

Cactus Picking His Nose... enjoy :D

This is the iPhone Version, all others can be fount here


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First free comic “Gust”

Posted by Simon Miles

The first free Comic of Gust Meadsmith will be published in the new year. We have started selling add space for local compaies and we will be distributing the comic throughout the swindon area. if you would like to get involved to have the free comics distributed in your area and know someone who would like to sell add space on a commission basis, please contact


we also have another local retailer onboard


Spot on!!

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Sculptures Finished!!

Posted by Simon Miles

our next 3 miniature figurines have been completed by the talented Dan Kelly, a winner of 2011 sculpting contest at the massive UK Games Expo. The figures have been sent to the casting company where we await the final process of mould making to commence.

We'll keep you updated and let you know when you will be able to get your hands on these three fantastic new aditions to the Conflicting Kingdoms Miniature Range.


The three figures are;

Lasartan - Squamarta Cohort Captain [Lizard Man] (deck to be released 2012)

Cullan Boan - High Ranking Witch of the Blackapple Wood [Human]

Hexumi - Konk Martial arts Master of the Brink Mist Forest [Ninja Monkey]


We also have the metal Counter piece finished too! these can be used on the counter cards that you get with ever theme deck to keep trace of your Avatars and Conflicts life and the amount of gold your Avatar has.

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Updated Support Forum

Posted by Simon Miles




Today we have updated the support forum with some new shiny icons that any self respecting Scorchin would steal to kill his mother with, so pop on over, have a butchers and start posting!



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New Google+ Page

Posted by Simon Miles

We now have the brand new Google+ Page up and running and have added all illustrations from the Cactus Pan Deck by Alexander Lee, Full illustrations with no card graphic!

>>>>>>      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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The new Conflicting Kingdoms Figurines are on there way!

Posted by Simon Miles



Here's a peek at how the new counter is looking. Will be available soon.



and here's a few photos of  our new Avatar Figure, Hex and Cullan Boan






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Hammer Time!!! STOP

Posted by Simon Miles


The brand spanking new Conflicting Kingdoms Gust Comic is nearly with us!! Here's a taster for you with the stubborn bastard losing his temper right from page one!


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The Complete Set

Posted by Simon Miles

Every single card that we have published in the theme decks are now up on the Support Forum. So if you have any questions about how a certain card works, get yourself on there and put up a post.

Its a simple registration process and we will never flood your email address with spam.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding more content to the support forum including the new A3 Rule Sheet (can be printed A4) and other bobs and pieces like the new beta section where we will be posting ideas for new cards and game play :D Enjoy!


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More Cards On Support Forum!!

Posted by Simon Miles

We now have all the earth decks up on the support forum and are awaiting your questions. :D

We are also working hard to get all the other cards up for you. I'll keep you updated!

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Cactus & Cullan Cards

Posted by Simon Miles

The mammoth task of uploading every single Conflicting Kingdoms card to the Support Forum has begun. So far we have uploaded the Cactus and Cullan Boan decks and will continue to add the other decks over the coming weeks. Here we will be able to start conversations on each and every card that we have published so far.

You can view the current progress of the new forum here!

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